Photography Glossary Terms image

Glossary of Photography Terms

Acquire: The opening up and importing of files into a given software application. The term is applied differently within different ...
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fashion photography since 1900

Fashion Photography – A Historical Perspective

Over the course of the century, the Fashion Photographer has metamorphosed from society portraitist into a media celebrity. The top ...
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food photography

All About Food Photography

Clicking photographs of the food is now becoming a trending style. Everyone loves to click photographs of the food before ...
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History of nude photography

History of Nude photography (1840-1920)

Almost all those involved with photography in its early years were artists of some sort or other - either by ...
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Black and White

How to Create a Black and White Color Combination Photograph in Photoshop for Beginners

Every form of art has its unique qualities. Certain artwork speaks silently wherein certain art form screams out loud and ...
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Updated Exposure Control

Photographs are clicked to ensure a person that memory is there. The human brain isn't designed to capture and store ...
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