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Camera Review – iPod V/S IPhone

Camera Review

In recent times picture sharing apps like Instagram & Snapchat have gained a lot of following, and everyone wants to take good photos on their phones for social media attention. This newborn photography through phones is slowly finding its way into Commercial photography. And undoubtedly, the best devices for this criterion are from Apple. It has been producing electronic devices with quality better than its competitors consistently. Comparing two kids of the same family with a high reputation would really be a single task.


The customer is waiting for lines outside the Apple stores before a new launch will describe iPhone’s uniqueness. iPhone without any argument is one of the best mobile devices and camera on an iPhone is also superior compared to all other mobile devices.


iPod is the world’s most popular music player from the day it was launched. Following its tradition of innovation and quality, Apple introduced iPod Nano with a camera in 2009. From then on, the tech giant has been developing its features until the latest -6th generation iPod Touch.


It’s unfair to compare a phone with a 12MP camera with a Music player with 8MP camera. But let‘s just check out camera specs of both devices and try to find the best device for a particular use.


The term we often hear in commercial ads when they describe a phone. Megapixels do matter but not necessarily important.
The latest iPhone-XS MAX has 12MP (megapixel) wide-angle and telephoto rear camera plus 7MP true depth front camera. Whereas iPod Touch-6th gen. has an 8MP front camera and 1.2MP front camera. 8MP front camera and 1.2MP front camera can also be found in iPhone  6. But versions above 6 have a better camera than the iPod.

So, iPhones with higher MP provide better quality images than the iPod.


The depth effect mainly depends on the aperture values of a camera. Lower the Aperture value; higher will be the depth effect/ blur. iPhones have aperture values ranging from ƒ/1.8-ƒ/2.4. While the aperture value in iPod camera is ƒ/2.4 and there is no portrait mode.

Depth effect helps in blurring the backgrounds for better portraits. It is available as Portrait mode in iPhone models- 7 plus, 8 Plus & iPhone X as they have Dual lens. But the iPod only has a single lens. Few iPhones provide 7MP True depth Front camera which will help in taking better portraits from the front.

New versions of iPhone XR, XS, & XS Max have a Depth control option where you can control the effect/blur in the background making it suitable for portrait pro photography.


iPhone Wide angle lens helps to take wide pictures of 28mm lens equivalent, and the Telephoto lens helps in magnifying 2x times and take pictures of 56mm-equivalent. And this option is not available in iPod.


iPod can record up to 1080P at 30fps, and Slow-motion video at 120fps and 720p HD video recording is possible through the Front camera.While iPhone can record 4K 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps, 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps and Slow-motion 1080p at 120 fps or 240 fps.  Nowadays these slow-motion videos are used extensively in wedding photography.

Though iPod can record 1080P videos, it is grainier, and quality is low compared to iPhone 1080P recording.

iPhone videography is so efficient, and its quality cannot be questioned as some iPhones are used to make videos for your tubes, short films, and even films.


The sensor in the iPhone is larger than the iPod. Camera sensor features deeper, larger pixels to allow more light to hit the sensor which results in good Low light photos.Facial detection, Facial landmarking & Depth mapping in new iPhones help in taking better portraits.

Options like Portrait Lighting with five effects Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage, Stage Mono make the Portraits even better. These are helpful for Product photography.
Faster sensors, Smart HDR and zero shutter lag in iPhone helps to take sharper action shots.


Features like Time-lapse video, Cinematic video stabilization, HDR photos, Autofocus, Panorama, 3x zoom are common in both the devices.


It is very clear that iPod can’t beat iPhone in Photography & Videography making iPhones best for Commercial photography, Wedding photography, Portrait photography & Film making.

Both devices cost similar. We can get iPhone 6/6s at the cost of a 128GB iPod. And the iPhone 6s camera is a lot better than iPod’s camera.iPod is best suitable for kids and in case you want a music player with a camera and can afford 15-28k.

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