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Create a Black and White Colour combination Photograph in Photoshop

Black and White Colour

Black and white pictures are amazing. Though we have evolved to full colour pictures, we still like the occasional black and white photos. Black and white photographs have their own charm when it comes to how they look. Black and white photos have a vintage and antique look. This is a popular reason as to why they are present in many places. One of the places that black and white photos are prominently present is the wedding album.

Black and white photographs were the norm back in the day. This changed to colour photographs in the year 1907. This change was due to the colour photography process called the ‘Lumière Autochrome’ which was invented by the French Lumière brothers. The first colour pictures were very different than the ones that we are seeing in today’s modern word. The photography prints that we see today are more vivid because of their advanced capturing as well as printing mechanisms.


How to get black and white coloured photos in photoshop?

  • Choose the Layer option in photoshop after opening the picture that you want to turn into a black and white picture.
  • Then click on the New Adjustment Layer option that is visible in the list of the layer options.
  • Now click on the option that is titled as Black & White.
  • Then, In the New Layer dialog box go ahead and type a name for the newly applied adjustment layer. This would be particularly helpful when you are gong to edit pictures for some photography sites.
  • Now click on the OK button to apply the transformation effect and get the black and white coloured picture.
  • This method will use the default grey scale option that is already present in the photoshop software suit.
  • Additionally, you can also choose a Black & White pre set that is present in the photoshop software suite from the Pre set menu that is present in the Properties panel of the software screen. Many of the photos that you see online on photography blogs are usually edited using this feature.
  • Then in the Properties panel you can manually adjust the conversion that has been applied using the colour sliders or you can also apply an Auto conversion, or select a previously saved custom mix that is available in photoshop.
  • Please note that as an alternative way, you can also choose the option as Image and then go to Adjustments and then click on the option titled as Black & White. But you will have to keep in mind that this particular method will make some direct adjustments to the layer of your selected and opened image and will discard all of the information of the image.


Here is a more detailed explanation of some of the parameters that you can set

  • Pre set menu – this option is used to Select a predefined grayscale mix that has already been saved in the photoshop software suit or to select a previously saved mix that you may have applied for a different picture before. To save a certain mix you can choose the option labelled Save Black & White Pre set from the panel menu of the photoshop software. This option will be a boon when you are using photoshop to edit some professional headshots.
  • Auto – this will Set a grayscale mix which is based on the colour values of the particular image. This option will maximize the distribution of grey values. The Auto mix often produces excellent result. This option can also be used as a starting point for slightly adjusting the grey values using the option of the colour sliders.


  • Colour sliders – these options will help the user to adjust the grey tones of some of the specific colours that are present an image. Drag any one of the sliders towards the left side to darken the colour or towards the right side to lighten the grey tones of an image’s original colour. These sliders can help you edit some pictures that have been captured for editorial photography.

In order to adjust a particular colour component of the selected image you can select the On-image adjustment tool (present in the software) and then click in the particular image. Drag towards the left side or the right side to change the colour slider for the main colour at that particular location thereby making the colour and the resulting image darker or brighter.

These are some of the many ways by which you can edit photos in photoshop in order to get a black and white image.

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