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Discover the different Genres of Photography

different photography

Photography is the way reliving your memories and actions into the form of photographs. You need a DSLR camera and the required photography skills, and the complete scenario is recreated in front of your eyes. Photography is not limited to a single word. It is a vast area which consists of different genres. Lets have a look at them.

1.Wedding Photography: Wedding is a very special an important part of an individual. Therefore, the experience must be memorable and touchy. Wedding photography involves photography of wedding ceremonies and related events. It is a complete package of photographs of the bride and groom before and after their marriage. Wedding photos cover events like Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Reception, etc. Different moments that are captured by a photographer in a wedding include;

  • Mehandi on brides palm
  • Haldi of bride and groom
  • dance performances on the day of sangeet
  • bride and groom tying the knot on the mandap
  • couples taking blessings from their elders and guests
  • Bidaai and the candid picture of bride and groom
  1. Newborn Photography: When a newborn comes in a family, the surrounding experience a new feel. It is a moment of ultimate joy and happiness. Parents enjoy every action of the newborn. Newborn Photography is the art of photography that includes capturing the first 3-4 weeks of a newborn baby. The baby’s first look, first smile/laugh, unexpected and admirable actions, and random poses are some of the exceptionally best moments of his life that are captured by a camera. The photographs imagination and creativity is something that makes the difference. Hence, parents can keep in adjusting the postures and managing the facial expressions of the baby.
  2. Commercial Photography: Commercial is a generalization of business, sales, money, expense, etc. Therefore, commercial photography deals with photographs that are being used commercially. Businesses approach commercial photographers to picture their product advertisements, brochures/leaflets, press releases, menus, cards, etc. Some of the advantages of commercial photography include:
  • Well focused pictures of the product and kept in good sales.
  • Commercial photos can be used to promote business across the world.
  • Restaurants and hotels can benefit from the commercialized pictures of food items, attracting more customers.
  • It is also helpful in designing advertorials for magazines and catalogs.
  1. Fashion Photography: Fashion Photography is a creative and stylish art of photography that is intended to promote clothing brands and other fashions. It is widely used for advertising the clothing styles for people all over the world. The photographs become more impactful when taken at a foreign location and with beautiful, particularly for a magazine. Usually, fashion photographs are used to document or sell a particular clothing brand or fashion by increasing is popularity. Fashion photography is often misinterpreted with commercial photography. Both the fields have their specialization and represent the purpose differently.
  2. Event Photography: Organizing and attending events is a common activity in urban areas. Event photography captures employees or other guests gathered together in an event. Events can be formal (conferences, seminars, meetings) and informal (birthday celebrations, receptions, engagements or Christmas parties, etc.). Photography technique and motive depends on the type of event organized. It requires complete perfection with knowledge of adjustments in lights and flashes. The main activities of the event need to be carefully noticed and captured to fulfill the intent of photography. The equipment must be well-maintained and work accordingly. Event photography is some of the other way intended to promote and create public awareness of a brand. Usually, celebrities and other dignities are captured in corporate events.
  3. Jewelry Photography: Jewellery is the most beautiful and precious art form, especially for women. Jewelry photography is intended to capture sharp and crisp clear pictures of jewelry that creates a ready to buy impact on women. The setup and technique for capturing jewelry must be decided accordingly to the type and structure to achieve the best results. Some of the key features of a good jewelry photograph include sharpness, visibility, exposure, clarity and proper light. The camera should focus on the finer parts of the jewelry. A tripod is usually preferred while photographing jewelry to maintain proper support. Clarity and sharpness of jewelry can be only highlighted by proper lighting, especially fluorescent bulbs. Apart from this, the skills of a jewelry photographer are the overall measure of a jewelry’s beauty.

Photography is not limited to this. It is just the game of camera and the photographer. If played well, can make a difference. Creativity and uniqueness are the two basic requisites for the same.

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