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Photography: At a Glance


Science and technologies are changing at very rapid speed, isn’t it? But don’t worry, not going to dig into this topic in this article but want to show that how one particular field has really revolutionised with the time just because of the advancement in sci-tech and that field is named as Photography. We already know that in today’s time the most powerful weapon is a camera and one click of a   finger. Photography is a very common term these days because of the easy availability of smartphones, DSLR and other digital cameras with the affordable price tag and yes, it is not wrong to say that every one of us are now photographer though not a professional one but still we all have our own unique set of photographic skills. Photography is the best way to capture the moments and make them immortal forever for example from maternity pictures to wedding photos or from birth photos to the 100th birthday celebration pics we can live the whole journey of 100 years in few minutes.

Most of us think that photography is a very easy work to do, but in reality, this field is tough and really vast as its growing more and more with the time. We can clearly see that in nowadays the career in Photography is really proving as one of the best options because of its popularity and credibility. In most of the good re updated universities/ colleges around the globe we are seeing that they are providing different graduation degrees and diplomas in this field. Photography classes, Photography studios, photography sites, etc. the whole dedicated environment is needed for the best practices of it. If we talk about the types of photography, there are so many options in it, but the mainly are: fashion photography, wedding photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography, aerial photography, sports photography, real estate photography and many other types are there, but these are the most important ones.

Fashion Photography: It is that type of photography which is only dedicated to fashionable items, clothes or even human being. It is quite popular for a long time because of the earning percentage. Mainly these photos are for the magazines and now for social networks too.

Wildlife Photography: In this genre of photography, the photographer takes the snaps regarding wildlife like animals, forests, underwater scenes, etc. Sometimes this term is also associated with nature photography. This type of photography is the most adventures and most happening one among all of the other types, and that’s the reason why this is so popular and always in demand.

Sports Photography: It is the sort of photography where the photographer takes the pics regarding the sports, games, sport-person or anything else which is related to any sports. This type of pics is always in demand because it let the viewer understand the conditions of the players or the situation of the game.

Real estate photography: This genre of photography is also sometimes called as Architecture photography which is the picture of the buildings, properties. This type of photography is very useful when someone has to advertise the building and property for the selling purpose or for the commercial purpose. Hence the real estate photographers are also in demands in the market.

Wedding photography: Wedding the most important event of anyone’s life, and this fact makes wedding photography as the most important process. This is one of the creative types of photography because it needs spontaneous judgement and quick response-timing to capture the best moment from the scene and convert them into the best memories. From the past one or two decades, the market of wedding photography has been really seeing the uprising only.

The field of photography is developing but still, there are some big problems which we are facing regarding photography, and that is issues of fake pics. Nowadays with the help of computer software anyone can create a fake or over edited pic and as a result these pics can lead the expected result or outcomes to somewhere else , as we already know that it is an age of social-networking where one viral pic is more than sufficient to ignite the fire of hatred or internet war, and we already witnessed such things in the past. So we need to tackle this problem as soon as possible so that it cannot create more chaos between the people.

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