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Photoshop Channel Mixer


Photoshopping is not an easy trick to perform; it’s very muddled & deep. One has to practice so much then only they can perform well in Photoshop. Applying photoshopping technique on a picture doesn’t mean that one is hiding the absence of skills; in fact, photoshopping requires more skill set than photography. To create majestic photos & to give out of the box experience is done with the help of Photoshop. It can be color correction, extending the borders, cloning the image, etc as this also helps in commercial photography.

What is photoshop channel mixer– The photoshop channel mixer is a command which is used for the work as the name suggest it corrects the color grading at the required place. Changing the color to some extent or applying the exposure isn’t the only thing it does. It also grayscales the image as one has seen on some photo site that there is a before & after of the same photograph. This is done by photoshop channel mixer. This tool work is mainly in commercial photography & fashion photography.

As some time the grey card is unable to provide the needed light or the exposure, so to get the required color photoshop channel mixer is applied. This is the reason that it is mainly used in fashion photography.

When it is used- when the photograph is required to be converted from colored to grayscale then this tool is preferred as changing manually to grayscale will darken some areas & will degrade the quality. If photoshop channel mixer is used then what it does is color up the darken area or brighten up if the color is needed. It is finely used when there is product photography as this enhances the colors of the products by increasing the exposure in that so the product looks more interesting & this is the main reason of using photoshop channel mixer in product photography.

How to use– It’s not like a secret recipe which is intended not to be found instead the steps for using the photoshop channel mixer is available on many of the photo sites or if someone is willing to do this practice as they can opt for digital photography schools. As higher level, editing & color correction can be practiced in digital photography schools.

So here are some of the steps on how to use the photoshop channel mixer

  • Mark out the area- First go select the area or mark that in which one is opting to use the photoshop channel mixer & decision should be revised again & again as this color correction will also make some effect on the unapplied colors. So make sure to choose the areas & mark them.
  • Selecting the channels- Now one might not understand this let’s simplify, the colors which are to be introduced or brighten up should be surrounded by another group of colors. So for that one has to select the composite channel according to the color surrounding it. If the background is RGB (red, green blue), then only the composite channel is used from the channel section.
  • Applying the adjustments-Then after selecting the channels from the channel section its time to apply the adjustments like taking the cursor & applying as much as RGB one wants according to the need. Its also corrects the output & defines the constant.
  • Applying preset- There is an option called present in the photoshop channel mixer which converts the colored image into the grayscale without any added extra effort.
  • Blending source- If the output is not up to the mark of requirement, then one can always reverse the same process & increase the intensity of the color they want to appear more. Adding an extra layer also gives the output.
  • Decreasing the effect- If the output is more than what’s required, then one can also decrease the intensity of the color from the channels section.
  • Select grayscale- If one is not happy with the preset mode then they can do the color correction & then manually change them into grayscale. Then after doing all that save the output.

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