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The Scope of getting into Stock Photography


With our busy schedules and no time to spend on anything except for routine, we tend not to pay attention to details. The details that might just come in handy and change our life paths, more specifically, career paths. We often miss noticing the potential of the objects that are present in front of us every single day. But with the degree of hike in the marketing of photos through social media and online marketing blogs, even the simplest of items have pristine value. If you take a good look around you, you will realize that your newsfeed is flooded with images. All advertisements, news articles, and blogs are full of them. I noticed you would realize how mundane these images are. Do you have an idea of how many times you have witnessed the photograph of a simple plant or even a drop of water? These are simple things, but they are everywhere. What goes behind these are the highly paid photographers who simply make income from selling photos of mundane things. Event photography or wedding photography is probably the most universally known arrays of photography. What people tend to miss are the other, more promising categories like commercial photography and stock photography. The most interesting and highly developing domain would be that of stock photography amongst these.

The quest for good quality stock photography has been growing by the day. Knowing this should spur a good degree of interest in you! Being a photographer gives you the power of capturing these pictures better than the rest of the majority. Along with this advantage, you should know that most of the objects surrounding you regularly hold the worth of being photographed and sold at a good price if done right. Pictures of these mundane items are more valuable than what you believe. These variants of photos can be sold on stock websites time and again. Once uploaded, they keep selling without the need of further assistance by you.


How to know the potential of photos to be submitted?

Identifying the right images that would sell the most is the key to everything here. The aim would be to find something that will sell for a hundred or even thousands of times. For instance, there are records which state of single images is making $10,000 or more on stock websites owing to the huge sales. At a photographer’s convenience, Adobe Stock offers a simple method by which one can find out what these items would be. When you enter the website, you can switch to their stock images page where their entire gallery of photos is accessible. The gallery provides a suitable filter, which is used in a proper manner, will enable you to find images that have performed well in the past. When you move across the gallery, you can use the filter they offer to put the images in order by using the drop-down menu labelled “sort by.” Two options will appear here, popularity and downloads. Both these options will enable you to gain a potent perspective of the photos that can be submitted and can do well on a stock website. The next option to consider would be the one under the “people category.” Herein you will be able to find photos that either excludes or includes people.


The most amazing sites with astonishing free stock photos

This era is nothing if not blogs and websites. Everything can be turned into meaningful blogs and sites where people can access information. Photography blogs and other photo sites are definitely not taking the back seat here.  Photography blogs are quite familiar to everyone; they are all over Instagram. Photo sites for display of stock photos are something that is not that known yet. Make a note of these amazing websites that provide free stock photos:

  • Stocksnap.io: it has a large variety of beautiful stock photos with high resolution. This site has a great search feature as well, making browsing of images easier.
  • Pexels: this website provides supreme quality and fully free stock photos licensed by the Creative Commons Zero. All pictures are well tagged, easily searchable and convenient to discover.
  • Unsplash: it offers a vast collection of high-resolution photos at no cost and is one of the most promising sources for stock images. The team at Unsplash goes through all new submissions and features only the best on their page.
  • Burst: it is a source given out by Shopify that provides stock photos for entrepreneurs<  at no charge.
  • Reshot: it is a vast library of stock photos that are specifically handpicked and can’t be found anywhere. This is highly suitable for startups, freelancers, and makers who are tired of the typical tacky stock photos.

So if you are thinking of getting into stock photography then wait no more because it is an excellent way to generate passive income. You can just get your photography camera out right away and start building a decent portfolio by simply clicking things that lay around you all the time.

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