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Updated Exposure Control


Photographs are clicked to ensure a person that memory is there. The human brain isn’t designed to capture and store exactly what the eyes saw years ago, they store but just a reference which can take the individual to that memory. Here comes the photography camera which is known to create visible photographs which can be stored. But this doesn’t mean that the image will be a reason to a good memory because clicking a picture and clicking the best picture from a photography camera are two different things. The main thing which causes the difference in these pictures is exposure in the photographs or exposure on the object while taking a photograph.

What is exposure- In many photography schools and photography classes exposure is the first thing they tech about because the faculties at photography school and photography classes know about the importance of exposure. The environmental conditions are not the same everywhere, and one need not know about the importance of light in photography. As more light will disturb the detailing and less light will damage the focus point so in between there is a gray line which should be followed not more not less. Here comes the exposure which studies the requirement of light that where it is necessary and where it is not and provides it as required. Sometimes this exposure is fixed onto some scale because the individual needs it and this happens in product photography. As in product photography exposure is not needed on a certain area it is needed on the whole picture that’s why it is locked.

Exposure control- Photography is a creative thing, and the creative thing can be practiced not learned. So one can visit some photosites to get to know more about exposures because photosites contains descriptions, tips, and trick on exposure control. So the first thing to know here is to get to know about exposure like what is it, why it is used, how it is used when it is used. Overexposed photos or underexposed photos are both good examples of bad photography. So first thing is getting to know the meaning of exposure, is exposure required here because exposure is used to thrive out the details not hide them or remove them. After understanding this come across the terms on which exposure depends. Below are the points, on which the exposure depends, they are as follows-

  • Aperture- The first thing is aperture which controls the area from which the light passes to the camera lens. The size of the area depends on the environmental lighting conditions if the light is dim or not what’s required then the area will be big so that it records all the details properly, one can compare this to the human eye which when sees in the dim light increases its area to note down the details. When the light is more than what’s required, or the environmental conditions are bright, then the area from which the light passes to the camera lens is small as if compared to the human eye, one will squint because the brightness is more. This is required more in aerial photography as in aerial photography the environmental conditions matters.
  • Shutter speed- Shutter speed is the closing, and an opening time of the shutter of the camera it can also be compared to the human eyes which when blink is the same as the shutter speed. So here when the aperture is understood, then it’s time to click the picture, but the light isn’t there for a long time so to record crisp and trips image the shutter speed has to be fast. If one is clicking the pictures of someone while they are running then if the shutter speed is low, then the image will be a blurry image so to make it crisp the speed needs to be fast. This matters the most in the event photography where every second is a shot so in case of event photography one should have the upper hand in the shutter speed.

ISO- ISO is the short form of International organization of standardization, ISO works in dim light when the detailing is not quite visible then the intensity of ISO is more so that a proper exposure can be provided to the object. It is the opposite in the case of bright light, or where there is environmental lighting present, then the intensity of ISO is low there because the detailing is quite visible because of the proper lighting. This isn’t needed in the photo studio as a photo studio is known to have proper lighting.

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